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[SWTOR] - The Slayers


Event details

Event Details

Time to fight a REAL dragon!  And a bunch of underworld mooks I guess.


What is it?

SM  Scum and Villainy 



Monday, August 5th from 8:30 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST



Your character must:

  • Be level 70 (Imperial)
  • Minimum Overall Item Rating of 230 


The  operation drops 236 Implants, Relics, Mainhand, Legs, Gloves and Chest.


Starparse is preferred, but not required.


SM Scum and Villainy at @ 8:30pm ET!


Post preferred roles below when RSVPing.  Please and thank you!

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I'll start with choosing Tank, with option to DPS when only 1 tank is needed.


I can help with any role now if you are short on one, as I now have a capable healer too..

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Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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