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Hey guys! We're going into MM DF this night, hopefully to push past the second boss!









@Orig Wrangler

@MO-0519 (maybe) 





MO is a pretty hard maybe this week, I'll know more tomorrow if he wants to try to make it or not, so stand by in the wings Aishya!

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I plan on being there but I'm not certain what mental, and/or hand-to-eye, co-ordination I will possess. Now if I do not show up at all, it's because I'm sleeping off the anesthesia. If I show up and I'm a complete, incoherent card, it is also because of the anesthesia.

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I am definitely going to try to make it, but unfortunately I have a big meeting Wednesday morning and a lot of prep work still to get done.  Hopefully I'll get it all done at a decent time tomorrow and can make the raid; if not, I'll be sure to text Katalaw.

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Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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