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Teldrassil has burned. The Fourth War has begun. From the ashes of the World Tree, a new order has risen: the Remnants of Hope.


Funded by a board of investors, the Remnants of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those who have been devastated by the Fourth War. As the war has expanded, so has the organization's purpose. Where once they only helped refugees from Darkshore, now they help the destitute in all places the Horde has touched. And unfortunately, there are many.


At some point, you decided to join. Maybe your heart was moved by the agony in the night elves' eyes, or maybe you're just trying to get community service hours after an altercation with the law. Either way, you found yourself here, at Westbrook Garrison, volunteering to help the lost. And the first item on the list? An elderly Dark Iron dwarf, respected among the organization's ranks, has asked you and several other new recruits to meet one night so that you can introduce yourselves to each other.


You step over the threshold, wondering what comes next. ...


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Welcome to Session Zero: a chance to meet your fellow roleplayers! This night will mark the OFFICIAL BEGINNING of our campaign! 🎉


The format will be simple. We will gather in Westbrook Garrison and take turns roleplaying our characters introducing themselves. There will also be an opportunity to introduce yourself OOC.


The festivities will kick off on Sunday, December 1, at 7:00 PM ET. As a quick note, I expect this event to run long. I will put a cap on 3 hours, and if we don't get to everyone by then, we'll discuss what to do next.


See you there! If you're still struggling to create a character, reach out to me or one of our new RP Assistants! (@Traid, @mouseymigration and @Oritaku77.)

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