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Happy Holidays Remnants!


After a couple of days of hard work, the Crafting Department is here to present to you guys a Holiday Scavenger Hunt event! It took the efforts of myself, @Slyfoxmartin, @Azilori, @Dethvox, and @Scya to create this little event for you guys. We are proud of how it turned out, no matter how bad or cheesy some of the rhymes are (please forgive us lol). Anyways, we encourage all of you to participate! This event will run from December 3, 2019 - December 31, 2019 so you have about a month to finish the scavenger hunt.


Event Information:

1) Our Scavenger Hunt will take you guys across the galaxy. We have provided a total of 20 screenshots of us around the galaxy. Your job is figure out where we are by taking your character to the places we are at! 

2) Each screenshot comes with a little hint (and a little rhyme) that will help guide you to the location. We apologize in advanced if it's bad or cheesy but hey, we tried!

3) When you're screenshotting your character(s) at each location, YOU MUST have your picture show the exact location where we are at. It doesn't have to look exactly the same but something that shows us, you are at that location. Doing this correctly, will give you 1 point. However, if you can give us a screenshot of somewhere close to that location or at least the general area, you'll get 0.5 points. In the end, we will total up your score.

4) The point system does not mean whoever gets the highest wins. Winners are determined based on completion and effort. (Completion does not necessarily mean you found every location).



1) This DOES NOT have to be a solo effort! You're allowed to work with others to help each other out. However, this does not mean, you ask someone to do most of the work and you just come along so you can win as well.

2) If you are working together with other people(s), you all don't necessarily have to submit things separately. You can have one person submit it to me but that person is in charge of putting down everybody's names. 

3) YOU ARE ALLOWED to ask anyone in the Crafting Department for help. In fact, I'm encouraging the Crafting Department to participate as well. I will be around to help out if anyone needs it. If you're working with an Assistant from the Crafting Department however, that person you're working with is not allowed to give away the answers to the screenshots they provided but are encouraged to give hints. This is an honesty system as it's more fun to go around and look for it rather than just getting the answer.

4) YOU ARE ALLOWED to ask me to check your screenshots for you. You can ask me if it's right or wrong and I'll give you a hint that will help you find the right answer. But do not abuse this by constantly asking me until the answer is right.

5) Screenshots MUST INCLUDE the exact location or general location with EVERYBODY in it. You can't have 1 person be on this planet and the other on this planet. This shouldn't be a "I do so much and you do so much." This should be a group collaboration where everybody works together. If for some reason, not everybody can be in it because of time issues or something else, just make sure you tell me as I can be flexible.


Submitting Entry/Determining Winners/Prizes:

1) When you finish, you will turn in everything to me via Discord (Neo#2515). If for some reason, you don't have Discord, please let me know in advanced and we'll work something out. Once you submit it, you're not allowed to change it or make edits to it.

2) Everybody who participates will basically win something. To win, you just have to meet one of the criterias below:

  • You are the first person to submit their entry to me that achieved the highest score (Whoever this is will receive a more rewarding prize).
  • You are the highest score. 
  • You earned a score of at least 70% - if you got a score below 70%, you are allowed to go back and try and find more screenshots to boost your score before the end of the event. However, this only applies if you didn't get a 70% on your first try but you only get one second chance to gain a higher score.

3) Prizes are TBD.


More Information about the event, check out link^^

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