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[ESO] Story RP


Niri (they/them)

Event details


This event begins 12/27/19 and repeats every week on Tuesday forever

The Circle of Hope strikes out on a series of adventures! Join them as they seek glory!


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I'm new and wondered too. Went looking for more info and here's what I found...

There's more info at the post below. It says :

Hello RPr's, if you would like to get involved in RP and get notifications please respond below to be added to the list. 


We meet on Thursday's at 9 pm EST and Saturday at 11pm EST for social RP, which is a chance for characters to interact and get to know each other better.


If you have any questions please reach out to @Icy the department officer, @RhemaTom, @CheekyMonkey66 or @Kammus


If you're interested in RP and would like to know more, check out this post:




Hope that's helpful! I may see you there tonight. :) 

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