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Dungeon Mayhem



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This event began 02/11/20 and repeats every week on Monday forever


Come clear some dungeons! Join the "Lobby" ( come to both eso main voice and use in game invite code) and get partnered up with friends as you go out to earn levels, collect gear and generally just slay! The only requirement is a level 10 toon! 


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16 minutes ago, CalKinn said:

I'm in! Can I join later? I might be working through the beginning. 

I'm with @ddm1954- how do we join the lobby  @Calypso589


It's just the group you join before Snicket divides everyone up. :) 

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I'm interested but have never done any ESO dungeons before. That is if my internet dl's the patch by then. It's part of the give and take of moving from a town out to the country I guess.

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