GW2 PvP Tournament


Event details

The PvP/WvW Department will be hosting a Guild Hall PvP Tournament Extravaganza partnering with the Crafting Krewe this coming Wednesday the 6th, at 9 PM EST! For those looking to participate, the entry fee per contestant will be 2 gold. The set up will be a bracketed, 1v1 tournament designed to show your skills and Be the Best, Like No One Ever Waaas! You will be locked to one character but are free to swap specs between bouts. Prizes will be announced as we finalize our roster for the event. 


If you are interested in coming to support and still want to donate, but don't feel comfortable competing, GOOD NEWS! Spectators will be allowed to place bets on each bout! More info on this as we confirm rosters as well. A forum post to sign up for tournament roster/spectators will be available shortly!


Hosted by the GW2 PvP Department

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