RP: The Ravens' War: Swamp of Sorrows



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The day has come. Not even a week ago, the Alliance forces gathered in Darkshire agreed to undertake a risky mission to get to the Dark Portal before the Horde. Knowing that the Horde are after some powerful artifact in Outland, the forces agreed that it would be much better that such an item fell into Alliance hands, not Horde.


Now, everyone is gathering, preparing for their fateful journey. A grimness hangs over the air. Who will live and who will die? Who is the true enemy here? Is all of this worth it?


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My apologies for the late notice. I'm trying to get events up on the calendar as soon as I can, but now that planning is being done with the entire Emerald Dream community, not just our department, many decisions are being made on the fly. I promise to let you all know everything as soon as I know.


Just like our last few events, this one will begin with RP and transition into RPPvP. The first hour -- from 8:00 to 9:00 EDT -- will be reserved solely for RP. So if you're not feeling too hot about the PvP aspect of the campaign, that's the time to be there!

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