The Ravens' War: Blasted Lands, Part I



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In the words of the dungeon master, Lluagor...



Remnants of Hope, The Ashen Vale, and the Vigilantes were easily able to pass through in to the Blasted Lands, with the Horde being distracted in Stonard with multiple Alliance assaults. Accomplishing the goal they set out to do. They took a beating, but were successful.


Horde failed to launch any attacks, other than a few momentary ones.


Horde overall was victorious, but lost sight of protecting the southern passage.


The Horde was vicious, but they didn't do what they were supposed to do, which was make sure the Alliance didn't enter the Blasted Lands. The Alliance succeeded, even if it was in retreat, and now the next leg of their journey begins.


The Alliance need to plot their next move. Once again, they will meet to discuss their strategy moving forward. But also ... word is there might be some things of interest hidden in the Swamp of Sorrows?


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This will be another strategy discussion RP, but afterward, there will be a bit of a scavenger hunt in the Swamp of Sorrows! If you want to participate in this, please download Total RP 3: Extended. It adds a few nifty things to your TRP3 toolkit, like finding caches hidden by other roleplayers!

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