Event details

TIME: Friday, 9/4/2020 6:00-8:00pm EDT, Republic Side

The operation start time is the time of "first pull" so please aim to form group 15 minutes ahead of time. 


This Friday story mode operation is open to everyone regardless of OP experience!

(This includes trial members.) Level 70+


We do SM (Story mode) Ops (Operations) to learn and have fun.

Bonus for Vet players: 16 man SMOPS is usually a new achievement.


We will be in Discord voice chat. This is required.

(You don't need to talk if you don't want to.)


16 man!


Tank: @Yiss 

Tank: @Cora Nilu

Heals: @MikeyMoe

Heals: @Pateco

mDPS: @wavyblue

mDPS: @Dochabi

rDPS: @Roedynn

DPS: @CamoCamper


Heals: @Darth Gumby

Heals: @hunterhead

DPS: @Skywalker17

DPS: @Jae Onasi

DPS: @deltastarfighter





[Starparse] is recommended but not required. . 

It is a great tool to see how well you are doing, and how to get even better.

It's often required in the veteran mode runs. 


If you would like to be notified of these events: Click here


 Basic Operation Skills.  (OPs)


Because the stakes are raised in Ops, we cant always power through everything.

We need to interrupt heavily damaging attacks, boss healing themselves, or CC (Crowd control) mobs until we are ready to deal with them.





There is one type of interrupt that always works.  (Unless the boss is immune to it.)


Every class has one.  Some are ranged, and the cool down (CD) on their use varies.  (Some classes are better at it then others.)


Key word: Interrupt.

interupt3.png.05b4b556415283380b6089ae5f439bd1.png       interupt2.png.3004280e359c3da11b32e068659519bb.png   





There is also stuns.  They almost never work on a boss..

BUT they might be great for champions or other creatures with annoying effects like knock backs.

A person can try to use these when their interrupt is down. 

(Or a group might cycle their use between members to keep a mob locked down, unable to do anything.)


Keyword: Stun 

89042825_stun3.png.53a22ff2b1b9442493a9db02a4727d75.png       1059757699_stun2.png.55605d353307ac1b3ddb44ea805d1cec.png     





The third type is a temporary type that usually breaks on damage.  A lot of the time they are AOE. 

They are often situational, but they do have their uses.  Especially as a tank or melee where the mobs are grouped up.


Example: In hammer station there is 2 big droids who cast these ground explosions.

Its not possible to do a hard interrupt on 2 separate mobs.


So I jump in and start beating on one.. and when I see them start the cast I pop AWE to interrupt them, I don't expect them to stay stunned for 6 seconds because they are immediately going to take damage.. but it delays that bomb cast just enough so we can kill them and  the party never take damage.


Keyword: Varies (Also not every class has one.)




Edit:  Add a list of every class's interrupts here


CC (Crowd control)


CC is usually performed BEFORE the combat.       


People call it sleep, lift, cc.. usually by the name of the skill... often whatever its called is not accurate but hopefully everyone understands.


It's usually used on mobs that cause some sort of game mechanic that multiplies the danger of the encounter.. leaving them to be beat down in a focused manner when the weaker stuff is gone.   Or it might be simply because they hit hard and the healers may not be able to keep up, again leaving them to be focused on. (So they die quicker.)



Key word:  "60 seconds"  Note: These abilities start combat.

290875370_mez2.png.1bc8a6b9247707b6d59999299f64f2ec.png       1681375324_mez1.png.e999c920b1f566aff8b4cb5c456ab123.png




There is a 2nd kind of  CC, Mesmerize/Sap/sleep. 

They belong to the classes that can stealth.

stealth2.png.9d86d688d6cee7a6e0f0eb07f2f5557b.png      stealth.png.e576323d97c140588da524fdc34c3ba0.png



Key word:  "Stealth mode"  Note: These abilities do NOT start combat.

These can be used like the above CC, but since it doesnt start combat, they can also be used to sneak by and skip groups of mobs.

sleep2.png.cbede305be9e50f3ad008914c05db945.png     sleep1.png.699c98a7ec889ab22228902eb1c75a00.png


Threat Drops


Threat drops should be used on cool down until you get feel for what your doing by monitoring threat in Starparse. 


They help your tank keep the mobs beating on them instead of you.


Its especially important for healers because they create threat towards EVERYTHING that is engaged in the battle. 

A tank can only pick up so many mobs so fast.. if they are spread out it can cause issues.


Its especially important for DPS who are putting out a lot of damage.  More so if that damage is AOE (Area of effect.)  [See healer above.]


It can cause a lot of problems when a boss turns and goes after a DPS.  Its not cool or funny.. it usually ends up with someone dead or a lot of people taking damage from a cleave.   There is little excuse for this happening. 


Even as someone who regularly tops the DPS charts.. The only time I pull threat is when I mess up by not managing my threat correctly. (Or the tank is under-geared.)  


551607189_threat2.png.d45be07cf0d569f5928992861bf4af4e.png     2136196157_threat1.png.fb5e00f3de39a6db00cf182c21c99ead.png




Making the most out of your interrupts.


Since a cast is usually only a second or two, you need to be able to hit that interrupt key really quick.


Three things to help:

1) Remeber that  interrupt/stun/cc will have different names.. but do the same thing.

2)  Have the interrupt/stun/cc hot keyed.   (I'll go into hotkeys in this post later.)

3) Have the same placement of the interrupt/stun/cc.  

4) Move the targets cast bar so you can see it better.





I have a different layout for my stealth classes.. but they still have the same key binds/placement.




Moving the cast bar.



All of my cast bars up. 

(It looks odd because I have myself target and focus, normally it would be just the enemy.  Or the main enemy boss, and a 2nd boss.)






Starparse is a third party program that looks at SWTOR's combat logs and displays information regarding damage, heals and so on.

It can also communicate with other people running Starparse once its set up to do that. (By joining a specific "room")


Get Starparse HERE


Starparse is a great tool to look at how much damage we do.  A person can try different rotations and so on to see if it makes their DPS (damage per second) go up.

It's also a great way to monitor threat, or see what killed us if we happen to stand in fire or something..  so next time we know to watch out for it.


Usually in story mode, and sometimes even in vet mode.. DPS almost doesn't matter anymore. 

However OPS checks can get harder and harder. 

And then pushing DPS, minimizing damage and so on become more and more important... until finally they are a major driving force.

By using this when you first start out, you can watch yourself get better and better.  You'll have a solid indicator of what your capable of.


In 6.0 all classes and specs are viable.  Don't let anyone tell you your favorite class is trash. 

Play what you enjoy.  (But also don't be afraid to try new classes.)


Setting it up:


First you got to get the game to save the combat logs.

(After you do this go beat on something to make a log.)



Then download/install Starparse and go to its options and select the combat log folder under documents/swtor.



Then, also in options, switch to the "Raiding" tab and put in "rohroh1"  "rohroh1" and "Join group."

(Do the same for rohroh2, rohroh3, and sodsod1)  -  SoD is for IMP side parsing.



Selecting the channel the OP is in.  (Use rohroh2 or rohroh3 if your parsing with a guild team in a FP.)





To actually run the parsing you push "Parse"

To share with the ops team press "Raid"


They will turn green when its working correctly.

Note: You don't need to have "Raiding" on if your just monitoring yourself.




Overlays:  You can enable overlays to see specific things.  You also have the option for just a personal overlay.

The +/- buttons adjust the transparency, and the 'M' button will switch displays on the personal overlay.

You can make them bigger, smaller.. lock them into place.. and so on.


   overlay1.png.c0fd99dfaf949d715be294ac093f5465.png       1645603757_persona2l.png.db58c3ed0c054ef9bdc368037518c35e.png     personal.png.0d24c09f8691a686963662f36b5898c9.png   




Standard Operation (Can go back and select by boss after the raid and look at how you did.)



Here is a example of going back to review my rotation. (Notice the multiple dummy parses.)





You can click them to sort.


DPS - Damage per second

TPS - Threat per second

HPS - Heals per second

EHPS - Actual amount of healing. 


NOTE 1: Classes have abilities that  heal in different ways.   

HPS and EHPS is not a very straight forward thing.  Just because someone is lower, it DOES NOT mean they are a poor healer!

The idea behind EHPS was originally to help check against a person running out of energy/focus to heal. 

If a healer is running out, they need to look at EHPS, and try to "waste" less heals.


On the other hand, if tanks are dying... we look at it to see if we have enough healing output. 

IF EHPS is high, then the value is used against DTPS (Damage taken per second) and we have to decide if its a tank gear issue, battle mechanic issue, need for a specific cool down, or just plain need more healing.... and so on.


NOTE 2: EHPS and healing types.

Example: A probe lasts for three minutes on a person and heals immediately when said person takes damage. 

Since its a smaller heal, odds are the entire heal is "effective" 

It's impossible for a human (or even a computer) to heal faster then that specific ability heals. 


NOTE 3: Lower DPS doesn't mean a person sucks. (I'll kick you in the ass if I hear someone saying this.)

Game mechanics:  In EV, a person gets put into a Mind Trap on a SOA burn phase. And/Or they get the flying around the room thing.

Or the person is kiting a Sunder in SnV.. or so on.    (Meaning the person is simply unable to do damage during those events.)

Gear: Proper gear matters.  Enough accuracy, average item level.

Experience: Knowing the fight. Ops can be overwhelming. 

Rotation: Knowing what order to use abilities to maximize how often the cool glowing buttons light up, and when to push them is a big deal. (Sometimes its better to not push them ASAP.)

The class or spec: Not all things are created equal.  We have "Good enough" (Which is currently all the classes.  Play what you want.)


NOTE 4:  DPS almost don't even matter if the boss's are going down and the group is progressing.

Most of our "top tier" DPSers don't give two poops about being on top of the chart. 

(I personally want to see people do more damage then me.) 

But if you are not able to break 5-6-7k at 306 gear.. you really should be working on something.

All the classes can hit 9-10k.


NOTE 5: Starparse doesn't use that much system resources.  I highly doubt it slows down peoples computers. 

Personal Opinion: I think people claiming it slows down their PC too much is just a lame excuse for them to not get better at playing their class.





Recommended Comments

Backup Heals (might be crappy at it since I haven't healed an op before). I'm not sure about the date. If its Saturday, I can't do it since I have a PvP event at that time.

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I've got a level 70 jedi guardian I've built towards tanking, but I also have never done an op before, so maybe better to consider me as a melee dps?

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Add me in as well please - rDPS


Also, just to confirm, this is SATURDAY, 5 September as opposed to FRIDAY 4 September?

Edited by Roedynn

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2 hours ago, Cora Nilu said:

I've got a level 70 jedi guardian I've built towards tanking, but I also have never done an op before, so maybe better to consider me as a melee dps?


This is the best place to learn to tank, as this is storymode.

36 minutes ago, Roedynn said:

Add me in as well please - rDPS


Also, just to confirm, this is SATURDAY, 5 September as opposed to FRIDAY 4 September?

No this is Friday September 4th. I fixed it.


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I'm a trail applicant:  My In-guild toon is mdps, I've done the ops be4, but not for a while.  I also have good level tank, rdps & a couple lousy healers.

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8 hours ago, Kialya said:


This is the best place to learn to tank, as this is storymode.

No this is Friday September 4th. I fixed it.


Thank you for the clarification.


Still able to be there 😀

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9 hours ago, Kialya said:


This is the best place to learn to tank, as this is storymode.



Great! I'd like to be in on this then. Thanks!

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