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This week, I propose to go hunting some world bosses.

The goal is to do the Weekly: Priority Targets, which consist of killing 3 of the following heroic world bosses:

Trapjaw (Tatooine)

R4-GL (Nar Shadaa)

Ulgo Siegebreaker (Alderaan)

Rogue Cartel Warbot (Quesh)


Primal Destroyer(Belsavis)

Nihtmare Pilgrim(Voss)

Dreadtooth(Secion X)


To target those tougher enemies, we will need tanks, healers and a mix of range and melee dps. Let me know in the comments below what type of toon you will bring (Tank, healer, mdps or rdps). Please take a look at what the others are bringing to try and balance the team. We need 2-3 tanks, 2-3 healers and a lot of  dps to burn the bosses.


I will pick the bosses depending of the participants (some of them can be soloed and others need a full 16-24 people team). Depending on the number of participants, I might go outside of the list above.


Good to know:

Killing the heroic world bosses are achievements (that can be found under the different planets in the legacy panel). The weekly can be picked up from the operation terminals. There is also a quest that can be picked up from a terminal near the speeder vendor on the fleet (if I remember correctly) to get mounts when you kill operation bosses and heroic world bosses.


The lineup (for now) :

Tank: @Yiss

Healers: @Rykyn @hunterhead

mdps: @wavyblue @Ddorni @Eskimo

rdps: @Roedynn

dps: Dochabi

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I'm new here (Xorthill), I can jump in and help, this toon is dps, but I have a tank and some seriously lousy healers.  I think I've done every WB there is except DreadTooth on 10 stack.  I'm a trail applicant.

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Same response as on the SMOP thread, but I've got a lvl 70 tank but I've never really tanked in an op yet so might not be the best to rely on me to tank quite yet. Still, would be interested in being part of this!

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Ill go.   I can tank all these... iv'e tanked all these before. (Unless we have someone else who really wants to tank.)


With one or two (depending on the boss) solid healers it will fairly easy.   


It works best with "More the merrier" type setup, having 16 people is just fine.

The thing to note is that we will be on planets with level caps.. and most of our our stats will be lowered. 




Note 2: The nightmare pilgrim is a 16 man fight. It takes 2-3 tanks, and is mechanic heavy.  It's unlikely we will even try.

That being said, the quest only requires 3 kills and is easy to accomplish.   


There is also another quest that awards a pink? red?  speeder bike that is a good idea to pick up.

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there are 3 other quest like that one(about killing bosses in operations and heroic world bosses). they can all be taken from the same terminal. Each will give a different colour of the same vehicle.

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Woo hoo Nightmare Pilgrim.  I've tanked it, just need a refresher.  I would be game someday, if anyone wants the challenge.  I hear you don't need the red crystal any more?

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