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This week in-game event is the rakghouls on Alderaan, so let’s gallivant around the rakghoul infested tunnels. 


Our first stop is the Alderaan world boss of the event ShellShock. This giant monster can only be found when this event is in play. 


We are also going to meet the Eyeless. The difficulty level (story or hard) will depend on the number of participants and the participants themselves (what we feel like doing). The Eyeless is a boss with a difficulty level similar to an op boss. You can buy an item, THORN Priority Authorization, from the rep vendor that gives you access to the quest. 


We’ll level our rep with THORN by «spamming» the dailies and heroic. That will allow us to get some pretty cool crystals, weapons, armours, mounts,  and many more rakghoul/plague-infested theme goodies. 


There is an achievement related to the rare spawn (Fungus Elites and The Catalyst). The Tunnel Lurker spawn is quite sought after because of that. Let’s keep a look out for those special monsters. 


Before the event, don’t forget to pick up the first quest by interacting with a news terminal on the fleet. It will show you how to get to the tunnels, quite practical if it’s your first time participating in the event. 


N.B. rakghoul vaccines will be needed. 

Let me know in the comments what toon you'll bring. 

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Ill be there.


Here is a old guide, which is completely accurate last I checked as the event hasn't changed.





Also, This:



This is a relic, that when used it gives the same protection as using the vaccine. 

So it is in effect, a re-usable vaccine.


Newcomer rank is easy to get.

There are 3 versions.


The stats are irrelevant because you can simply: 

A) Remove the relic after applying the protection buff that lasts 6 hours,  and then put on your regular relic.  (Wearing it doesn't protect.  It's equipping it then USING it.)


B) The content isn't hard, simply leave it on because of stat caps and all that you barely loose anything in most cases.


Also, most importantly... on some mobs they can remove the vaccinated buff.  And you need to reapply.   The world boss Toxuun does it like 10 times during the fight. Which means you can potentially get stunned 10 times...  If you have it equipped.. you simply click it again when the buff is removed.


So, I strongly recommend that everyone grab one of these, and at minimum keep it in your legacy bank.. pull it out and apply the vaccinated buff, then stick it back in the legacy bank for use over the next X years.  Because even if you aren't actively doing the rakghoul plague stuff....  you'll run into people with the infection on fleet and so on.


As a tank, on Toxxun, I put the relic in a quick bar slot for ease of re-clicking during the fight.  It has a 4 second cool down.



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If you want to get Dr. Lokin as a companion, see this guide. Note that the guide is dated, and I believe you don't need to get Qyzen first before you can get Dr. Lokin's mission.

I believe you can only recruit him when the Rakghoul event is on Alderaan, which comes around maybe once every 4 months or so--as far as I know, that's the only time his little house is active on Alderaan. Again, that might be old information, and he might be hanging around his hut all the time.



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His house is always on Alderaan, so you can always do the first part of his quest (bringing him materials), but the last part needs to be done during the event. At least, it was like this for me. 

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