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This week the World Bosses are worth the most point in the conquest. To help achieve conquest with the most toon possible, let's do a world boss run. 

In two hours we'll try to do as much world boss as we can and reach conquest with as much toon as possible. We' ll start with the lowest level and make our way to the toughest bosses. That way, we can use lower level toons in the beginning and maxed toons at the end. 


Let me know in the comments  what toons you plan to bring. 



- Don't forget to pick up the quest: (Vehicle) Aratech coral. This quest is from a terminal next to the speeder vendor on the fleet. There is a total of 4 quest that gives you a mount of a different colour. You can pick them up and start working on them, they take a while to complete. 

-If you only have one toon or only want to bring one toon, that's totally cool too. Bring whatever makes you happy and that you want to play:) 

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Change of plans, sorry.


My wife was just informed she will need to take part in a webinar which starts an hour before this event. *IF* she is done by the time the event starts, I'll be there; if not, I'll be on whenever she finishes and, if space is available, I'll try to join up at that time.

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