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To help level our toons, let's do vet flashpoint.

Let me know in the comments if you'll be there

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Hi, today i'm probably hitting 75 with my first toon (Tele Sage), would this be a good way to also farm gear and credits? Or it would be better to use my lvl 40 alt (Sentinel)?


Either way, I would like to attend and dps, If you don't mind me being pretty new to the game

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@EmiSalgari Flashpoint are an excellent way of farming for gear! To my knowledge it is one of the fastest way because some of them can be done quite fast and, if you do the weekly, you can receive a few crates that gives you even more gear.

The character you bring is up to you, it depends of what you want to accomplish first. As long as your toons is level 15 and up, you can take part in this event. 

There is a double XP going on right now, it allows you to level faster. However, since it also applies to Renown, you will get renown crates faster (which means a bit more gear).

Being new to the game is not an issue! (I'm quite new myself :) ) The goal of the event is to do flashpoints together and it's a great opportunity to learn from more experience player! 

We will choose flashpoint according to what we want do achieve and what we feel like doing, so no pressure at all :D 

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