Vet mode Uprisings



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Last week, we did story mode uprisings. This week, we'll continu our exploring of this content by tackling veteran Uprisings. 


To be eligible to do Uprisings, you need to have a toon level 70 or higher. We'll meet at the uprisings terminal at the fleet. From there, you can pick up the uprisings and the weekly. 


Uprisings are supposed to be shorter than flashpoints. 


To participate in the event, let me know in the comments what role (heals, tank,dps) you'll bring. 


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I would be very interested in participating, but would need to leave at 2:30 pm eastern time.  I have two characters that would qualify for this excursion: 75th level Jedi Knight (predominantly DPS as my Defense gear in virtually nonexistent) or my Scoundrel (currently DPS but could switch to healing with advanced notice if needed).

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