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Hi All, Short notice... 


Lets see if we can get a SMOPS Run to Dread Fortress (DF) Going.

It's a fairly easy OP, not to long and its pretty cool.


Republic Side, everyone welcome, includes trials... low gear rating.. .everyone.


Sign up below.   

If we have more the 8 sign up, we can think about going 16 man, which usually nets achievements people usually don't have. 

So if your a vet raider and want to help us blow thru the OP, sign up! 

(You can put down something like "Role - DPs - 16 man backup if you only want to do 16 man.)


Tank:  @Kialya ( I can switch to dps @ThePhantomthief if you can make it.)

Tank: @ScorchGamer12

Heal:  @DrDudis

Heal: @XJediknight18X

DPS:  @Roedynn

DPS: @Skywalker17






Backup - @hunterhead, @Dalivandrian, @ThePhantomthief

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