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PvE Operation Event: Eternity Vault

Date: Sunday 10/09/2020

Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 8:00 PM EST

Operation End Time: 10:00 PM EST

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before start time, else you will be replaced.

Requirements: level 70

Discord will be required, we will be in our own operation channel.

 Let's just relax and have fun. This is to help everyone new to operations get a chance to run an operation. Come on out only requirement is a level 70 toon.


I will lead the ops but I will take a position when everyone else signs up.



Main-Tank: @Jed











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Would like to obtain more tank experience with my 75th Jedi Guardian as off-tank if possible (otherwise, could DPS or heal with my Scoundrel)


Hurricane Delta Update: I will be using hotel internet Thursday to Saturday morning due to the Hurricane coming through Texas/Louisiana, hopefully it is good enough (will trial it on Thursday evening and all day Friday).  I will let you know either way as this is an event I really enjoy.


Update 2: Looks like the connection is good, I am definitely willing and able for this run!

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