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The Gree event



Event details


This week it's the Relics of the Gree event. 

Let's form a team to do the world bosses and the Xenoanalyst II. Afterwards, we can splits into groups of 4 to do the rest of the events (dailies and the heroic, and maybe the PVP ones for the brave :) ). For the Xenoanalyst II If the team wants to, if we have the time and if we have the toons, we can do story mode and vet mode one after the other.


Let me know in the comments what role you'll bring.

For the wb and the Xenoanalyst we need :


Tank: Dochabi

Tank: @deltastarfighter


Healer: @Dalivandrian 

Healer: @Slyfoxmartin

Healer: @DrDudis



Dps: @Getius (r)

Dps: @XJediknight18X (m)

Dps: @hunterhead (m)

Dps: @Chackez(r)


Dps: @EmiSalgari(r)

Dps: @Roedynn (r)

Dps: @Soup






 (if we don't have enough guild members, we'll just add random people to fill the spots that are left)


To do the Xenoanalyst you need to be subscribe. For the rest of the event you don't need anything specific. 

If you want to know the event better, here's a guide Swtorista made: https://swtorista.com/articles/relics-of-the-gree-event-guide/


Recommended Comments

rDps. Please note I may be either exactly on time or a few minutes late. Have to work right up until 2pm haha.

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I would like to participate in any of the aforementioned events (when space allows).  I can bring multiple characters in various roles, thanks!

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