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The conquest this week is about world bosses. The bosses we'll challenge depends on how many we are. Some are harder than others and require more people. 


The bosses targeted by the conquest are:

SD-0 (Coruscant)

Trapjaw (Tatooine)

R4-GL (Nar Shaddaa)

Ulgo Siegebreaker (Alderaan)

Gargath (Hoth)

Primal Destroyer (Belsavis)

DreadTooth (Section X/Belsavis)

Dread Pirate Karvoy (Mek-Sha)

Lance squadron Command Unit (Yavin 4)

R8-X8 (Ossus )

Kil-Cik (Ossus)

Nightmare Pilgrim (Voss)


Let me know in the comments what role(dps, tank or healer) you'll bring.

Since the goal is to hit conquest, you can list more than one toon if you plan on switching when a toon hit conquest. 


Tank: @vir'rizza

Tank: @Dalivandrian

Healer: @DrDudis

Healer: Dochabi

healer: @ScorchGamer12


dps: @Jru947

dps: @RedVox

dps: @Roedynn

dps: @Skywalker17

dps: @XJediknight18X

dps: @EmiSalgari

dps: @Chackez

dps: @hunterhead

dps: @Soup

dps: @Rykyn


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@Jru947 There is no level or gear requirement. It is easier if your toon is higher level, but you are welcome to join with any toons that you have. Since it's a guild event, we can summon, so you don't need to have all the quick travel points unlock and we'll accept any help you can give during the encounters (there is no dps or heals requirement either). :) 


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Hey, I'm down to join! I have a level 75 Jedi Knight 😊 or I can bring a Sith Warrior - both DPS

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I can bring any dps (ranged or Melee lvl 70ish) or if we need it more I can heal (lvl 60ish) If we do imp side then I can mDps

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