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I think it's time for us to do a World Boss run. 

We'll need tanks, dps, and healer.

Let me know in the comments what toon you can bring.

You don't ned to be 75. 


tank: Dochabi


healer: @Skysta

healer: @LexaLuvs


dps: @Roedynn

dps: @Ren'ato

dps: @Kitt

dps: @Zorvir

dps: @Skaal (he/him)

dps: @NorthHorizon (maybe)

dps: @Skywalker17 (will be late)



(I'll add more spots as we get more sign-ups) 

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Is it possible to be a maybe?  I'm technically working, but I might be able to get away with it late on a Friday afternoon.  If so, Gunslinger pretty please.  

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17 minutes ago, Skaal (he/him) said:

I am going to try to come tomorrow but I am only level 52, so I really don't count lol

I'm only level 36, so do I count even less?😉

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