Gree Event



Event details

This week in-game event is the Gree Event on Ilum 


We'll attempt the Xeno and the 2 world bosses :) afterwards, we'll split into groups to do the other quests.


*you need to be subscribe to access Xeno. You can join us for the event if you are not sub. Just let me know and i'll add you to the group after we take down Xeno (it is not a long fight).

If we don't have enough people for the Xeno and World bosses, we'll just do the quests to farm reputation. The gree vendor has really cool and unique stuff :D 


Let me know what role you can bring :


Tank: @DrDudis

Tank:  @Roedynn

Healer:  @TheSavageDoctor

Healer: Dodo

DPS: @Lazyhaze22

rDPS:  @NorthHorizon

mDPS: @Skywalker17

DPS: @Zorvir




(wb-16)DPS: @Jae Onasi (stimdealer and advisor)

(wb-16)DPS: @Azilori






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