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PVE Operation Event: Karagga's Palace

This is a great group to experience Operations for your first time with as we will dedicate time for explanations and helping beginners, however all experience levels are welcome.

Event Date/Time: January 29th, 2021, at 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST

First pull will start at 8:00, please arrive 5-10 minutes early.


- Level 70+ Character on Republic side

- Discord, we'll be in our own operation channel

Starparse is not required but recommended for anyone interested in tracking their numbers.


If we get enough people, we can run a 16man version, so don't be afraid to sign up even if all 8 spots are filled!


Raid Lead: Skysta

Tank: @Cora Nilu

Tank: @Yiss

Healer: @Skysta

Healer: @KittCat

Healer: @LexaLuvs

Healer: @Darth Gumby

rDPS: @NorthHorizon
rDPS: @Dch765

mDPS: @Vandeven

mDPS: @RavAug0314

DPS: @Jae Onasi

DPS: @Slazersc

DPS: @Frarry (she/her)

DPS: @hunterhead

DPS: @Skywalker17

DPS: @Kitt


Back-ups: @Gagi @Zorvir @Evath

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mDPS please (sin/shadow, so can fill the DPSwT role if you don't have someone better qualified) 😉


Can do healz if we go to 16man.

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I can do any role if needed to fill a spot.  Can single tank whole ops as well if that's an option you wanna go with.

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Just want to say how super excited I am to see all of the energy and signups!   @Skysta I'm sitting out because there is a special community event with GW2 tomorrow and I'd like to spend a little time with those awesome division folks too - but I *will be back* next week and ready to party (if room for my scrub(tm) ) dps.  Appreciate you and all your work on making this happen.

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@Gagi @Zorvir @Evath I've put you three as backups since you were the last three to sign up, I hope that's alright with you all! 


Thanks everyone for your interest, can't wait for tomorrow night!

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