SWTOR - Achievement Hunt 3


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Day: 08/05/21 Time: 3:00pm EST


(Maybe) The final hunt for the enemie base...and this time we will avenge the Republic soldiers that we was killed by the Empire.


- Alderaan: Sabotaging House Thul

- Alderaan: Stalking the Sith Overseer

- Section X: Infiltrating the Empire

- and maybe others achievements...we will see.


Don't forget to bring your Achievement Boost from the Login Reward. :) 


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FYI, these are the last achievements that I'll likely need a group for. I am already in the process of doing Master Mode Chapters myself, for instance. If you still wish to schedule that or anything else that I posted on the Request Board, then feel free to do so; I don't need help with most of them anymore, but I can definitely lend a hand for anyone who does.


Due to the difficulty of trying to schedule an event for a specific Dark Vs. Light boss, this remains something that I'd likely have to organize myself at the spur of the moment via Allies chat and whatnot.


EDIT: That being said, I'm still very much interested in Master Mode Flashpoints and the like.

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I should be there!  On Republic side I'll be bringing rDPS.  I am not sure I have enough of the achievement boosts to have it active for all of these.

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