[PVE-PUB] Unproductive Ops



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Welcome to another week of Unproductive Ops! This is a weekly event where we run an operation with a fun or stupid twist in hopes of having a good laugh and goofing off with friends. Anyone is welcome to join but please be aware that there will likely not be in-depth explanations before fights and some twists may have specific requirements (toon-wise or member-wise).



PVE OPERATION EVENT: Starting with Eternity Vault and going in order.

This Week's Twist: Drunk Speed Ops!

Just another night of drunk ops except this time we'll be running through as many ops as we can as fast as we can within our 2 hour window.


- Level 70+ Republic Character

- Discord, we'll be in our own channel

Starparse will not be required for this, but you are welcome to use it if you like.


Raid Leader: @Skysta

Tank: @Leia


Healer: @Skysta


DPS: @PineappleBrains

DPS: @Dch765

DPS: @TallinCorsair



*Any -





We can turn this into a 16 man if enough people sign up! Remember to RSVP and we'll see you Friday!

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