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[OPS-IMP] SM Dxun run



Event details


This is a story mode Dxun (Nature of Progress) run that I'm organizing on request. The main aim is to get a clear but I'll also be using it as a chance to better learn the mechanics from a raid lead perspective.


I've set a 3 hour window so we have enough time to make it through as it is a longer op but we may not take the full time.


Requirements: Level 75 imperial character, 306 gear


Tank: @Aedi Lanigiro

Tank: @Dalivandrian

Heals: @Skysta

Heals: @Eskili

rdps: @AidenRhen

rdps: @Roedynn

mdps: @PineappleBrains

mdps: @Dimisticlus


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I can heal if needed! I've cleared this on my pub-side healer before, so definitely give others priority if they haven't completed it at all :) 

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