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GW2 In-Game RP



Event details

This event begins 08/01/21 and repeats every week on Sunday forever


Come join the GW2 RP Department on our weekly escapades across the land of Tyria! No prior RP experience is necessary—just bring a love of adventure and a desire to storycraft! Each Sunday’s RP event begins at 2:30 PM ET.


Some events are more action-oriented; these types of events include undertakings such as rescuing captives, recovering ancient artifacts, and destroying dangerous enemy weaponry. Other events are more dialogue-oriented; these types of events include situations such as meeting at an inn for drinks, engaging in diplomatic negotiations, and strategizing to address a local enemy threat.


Details on each week’s RP event will be announced in the RoH main Discord server’s #gw2-announcements channel. Whether you’re interested in participating or observing, all are welcome to come along for some in-character fun!


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Sorry guys, I really wanted to come to this but a family emergency came up and i gotta leave the house for few hours. Do you guys post stories after your rp session? I'd love to catch up on any rp storyline you guys are working on. I read briefly that you will be on the hunt for Red Jack, good luck travelers!

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