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Mount Farming


Final Fantasy XIV

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This event began 09/24/21 and repeats every week on Thursday forever


Un-synced ARR mount farming! Smack a Primal, get a pony!
Requirements: (potential spoilers for the end of 2.0 ARR)
If you have completed the Praetorium, you are at the perfect spot to unlock these encounters!
First, pick up the quest, "A Recurring Problem" from Minfilia in the Waking Sands. This will lead you through the hard modes of each primal, Ifrit, Garuda, & Titan.
After completing, "In for Garuda Awakening", another questline from Urianger will open, called "Primal Nature", which will then unlock the extreme versions of Garuda, Titan, & Ifrit. This is all that's required for now! As everyone gets the mount from each encounter, we will move on to the next.
There are a total of 6 pony mounts. Upon acquiring all 6, you will obtain access to a special quest! There is also a 7th, rarer mount not required for the special quest, that has a chance to drop from Garuda/Ifrit/Titan. So all in all, you're looking at a grand total of EIGHT NEW MOUNTS!!
For best results, please try to unlock Garuda EX before Thursday. Assistance for this can be provided-- simply let Chantelle Sweet know, and I will queue with you!

 Though this trial is limited to 8 people, there are two options: multiple groups, with one level 80 who can easily help a group through; or once someone gets theirs, they can swap places with someone who still needs one!




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