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VMOPs Dread Fortress CANCELLED :(


Aedi Lanigiro

Event details



Cancelled due to inclement weather :(


Hopefully we'll get more signups next week

@Darth Gumby @Kahv1k @Fooj


Brothers and Sisters, onwards in the Dread Cycle! We need to assault the Fortress and defeat Dread Master Brontes to clear the way for our assault on the Dread Palace. This Operation has a great blend of bosses and prepares people to understand some of the game's more interesting mechanics. 

Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 8:00 EDT

Operation End Time: 10:00 PM EDT

Please arrive  15 minutes before start time.

This Operation is not set in stone! I may change Op based on our sign-ups and needs for achievements

Please sign up indicating preferred roles.



Tanks: a clear tanking in storymode of the target operation

DPS: 15K DPS on 3.25M Dummy with Shattered Armor Modifier

Heals: 13K Heals on 3.25M Dummy with Healing invigorator and Secondary Target modules


Character Level: 75

Gear level: 300+

Set bonus


StarParse is required

Discord will be required, we will be in our own operation channel.


Raid Lead: 

Tank: @Aedi Lanigiro


Heals: @Darth Gumby


mDPS: @Kahv1k


rDPS: @Fooj




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