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[NW] Catch-up day/Named Farming



Event details


Have a quest in your log you've been putting off? Or one that's difficult to solo? Need to complete Armine, Starstone, Depths, or Dynasty? If so, I encourage you to be in-game during this window. In addition, if you need assistance farming a named mob for that item drop you've been dreaming of your whole life, this is the time to ask. 


  1. During this event, I ask that you join our Discord server for better communication.  You don't have to speak and are free to mute yourself. 
  2. At the beginning of the event window, me or an assistant will take a tally of those in need and plan accordingly.
  3. If you're unable to be in-game at the beginning of the event, please reach out on Discord, company chat, or direct message and we will try and accommodate you.


  • No level restrictions
  • Counts as an event for trail members
  • Have fun!


Named farming:
What we choose to farm will be determined by the needs of the players and Company. 

List of some open world named enemies


- Level 60

- This counts as an event for trial members 

- Discord participation


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