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Springtime Formal Night Fashion Show Event



Event details


Spring Formal Night Fashion Show!

Please mark your calendars!!

Join us in celebrating the coming springtime warmer weather with a night of elegance and revelry! 




When: Tuesday March 22nd @ 8:00 PM Eastern US


Where: @Merliah’s Stronghold (so we can invite RoH members from Imperial and Republic sides)


How to Participate: 

Please come dressed in your finest FORMAL WEAR with springtime colors!


You don’t have to walk the runway to be a part of this event!  Audience Members are welcome also! 


Please indicate in your RSVP if you plan to showcase an outfit (walk the runway) vs. just be an audience member!


Who Will Win?

Fabulous prizes will be awarded to participants who showcase outfits for the fashion show! Cuteness, color, spring/nature theme will all be considered!


One random winner will be selected from the audience!



During the slow dances our chaperones @Slyfox  and @Kingtom225 will make sure everyone leaves enough “buffer” room and there’s no funny business in the dark corners! 



Here are more great ideas to get you started!






I’ll update with more details as they become available!


If you have any additional questions or if you aren't sure about anything, please reply here, or contact me, @Walex via the forums or on Discord and I will let you know! 


Thanks everyone, and best of luck!!!



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Recommended Comments

Dye Module Suggestions
(not a mandatory or required list nor a complete list, just something to help make searching easier than surfing through 200 dye listings)
Primary First, Secondary after 


White & Medium Red
White & Deep Red
Orange & Red
Ancient Warrior (either) Light Blue/ Medium Red or Medium Red/ Light Blue
Deep Blue & Light Red (Kyle Zaikken bag)
Dark Red & Light Red
Dark Red & Pale Red
Dark Red & Pale Brown
Honor Guard (Bright Red & Deep Maroon)
Mandalorian Scout (Mandalorian Red (looks pink or mauve imo) and Dark Gray)
Primary Deep Red
Secondary Deep Red


Deep Blue, Deep Orange
Deep Orange, Light Blue
Medium Orange, Light Yellow
Medium Orange, Light Green
Light Orange, White
Medium Blue, Light Orange
Medium Orange, Medium Blue
Medium Orange, Pale Yellow
Orange and Red
Orange and Soft Pink
Orange & White
Pale Gray & Deep Orange
Pale Orange & Dark Orange
Primary Light Orange
Secondar Light Orange

Revolutionary Dye Module (Tan & Charred Orange)
Tan and Orange Flight Suit
White & Dark Orange ((personal favorite for armors with the secondary dye being details like stripes/deocrative elements; esp Sith))
White & Light Orange

 Yellows & Golds 

Ceremonial Yellow (Yellow & Dark Gray)
Dark Green & Light Yellow
Dark Purple & Deep Yellow
Dark Yellow & Medium Yellow
Deep Green & Medium Yellow
Deep Purple & Light Yellow
Deep Red & Medium Yellow
Deep Yellow & Deep Blue
Defender's Pale Yellow & White (Reverse is also available: White & Pale Yellow)
Light Blue & Pale Yellow
Light Yellow & Deep Pink
Medium Orange & Light YEllow
Medium Orange & Pale YEllow
Medium Yellow & Medium  Blue
Pale Gray & Dark Yellow ((personal note: This one does a good job at making armors / outfits look somewhat silver or gold without being actual silver and gold)


Deep Blue, Deep Green
Dark Green, Light Yellow
Dark Green, Medium Green
Dark Green, White
Deep Blue, Deep Green
Deep Green, Dark Blue
Deep Green, Medium Yellow
Deep Green, White Dye
Deep Purple, Medium Green
Forest Camo (Evergreen & Desaturated Brown - A bit dark but why not?)
Light Blue, Deep Green
Light Green, Pale Brown
Deep Brown, Medium Green
Medium Green, Dark Green
Medium Green, Deep Blue
Medium Green, Deep Purple
Medium Orange, Light Green
Primary Deep Green
Secondary Deep Green
White & Dark Green
White & Pale Green


Ancient Warrior's (Light Blue / Medium Red OR Medium Red/ Light Blue)
Coldweather Dye (Coldweather Dark Blue & ColdWeather Light Blue -fking gorgeous colors but so pricey)
Dark Blue, Deep Green
Dark Blue, Deep Orange
Dark Blue, Pale Brown
Dark Pink, Dark Blue
Dark Purple, LIght Blue
Deep Blue, Deep Green
Deep Blue, Light Red
Deep Blue & White
Deep Green, Dark Blue
Deep Orange, Light Blue
Deep Yellow, Deep Blue
Guardian Bronze & Deep Blue
Deep Blue & Guardian Bronze 
Hyper Space Light Blue and Deep Blue  ((They really mean  light teal blue  and dark teal blue  - in my opinion XD ))
Light Blue, Deep Green
Light Blue, Medium Blue
Light Blue, Pale Yellow
Deep Blue, Light Orange
Medium Blue, Medium Purple
Medium Blue, White
Medium Green, Deep Blue
Medium Orange, Medium Blue
Medium Purple, Deep Blue
Medium Yellow, Medium Blue
Pale Blue, Medium Purple
Pale Blue, Pale Gray
Pale Blue, Pale Pink
Primary Deep Blue
Secondary Deep Blue
White & Deep Blue


Deep Purple, Deep Yellow
Dark Purple, Light Blue
Dark Purple, Light Purple
Dark Purple, Pale Brown
Dark Purple, White
Deep Pink, Deep Purple
Deep Purple, Light Yellow
Deep Purple, Medium Green
Deep Purple, Medium Pink
Medium Blue, Medium Purple
Medium Green, Deep Purple
Medium Purple, Dark Red
Medium Purple, Deep Blue
Pale Blue, Medium Purple
Pale Purple, Medium Gray
Primary Deep Purple
Secondary Deep Purple
Vice Admiral's (Vice Admiral's Purple and Gray dye - it's more like a mauve)
White & LIght Purple


Dark Pink, Dark Blue
I'm skipping the pinks and grays that are dark but they might work if you want a dark pink
Deep Pink, Deep Purple
Deep Pink, White
Deep Purple, Medium Pink
Light Gray, Pale Pink
Light Yellow, Deep Pink
Orange, Soft Pink
Pale Blue & Pale Pink
Primary Deep PInk
Secondary Deep Pink
Vice Admiral's
White & Deep Pink
White & Medium PInk

  Misc Others  

Dark Brown and Light Orange
Dark Orange, Light Brown
Deep Gray, Pale Brown
Deep Yellow, Dark Brown
Fleet Commander (Tan and Medium Gray)
Light brown & Dark Brown (this would be good spring suit colors I bet)
Light Brown, Pale Gray
Light Green, Pale Brown
Medium Brown, Pale Yellow
Pale Gray, Pale Brown
Primary Pale Brown 
Secondary Pale Brown
White and LIght Brown
Primary White

Secondary White
White & White
White & Light Gray
White & Medium Gray
White & Black 
Black & White
Black Primary
Black Secondary

 I'm leaving off most browns, grays, and blacks or dark/dark combos.
REFERENCE SITE (ty Scya!):  https://swtorista.com/

For all you suit fanatics; when in doubt save a cartel cert or two from long in rewards and hit up a vendor with the Underworld exchange in the cartel bazaar for the primary or secondary black dyes. It's also where you find the red & blue single dyes (primary or secondary).

PSA: These are not all necessarily  "SPRING ONLY" colors, because some armors are quirky and the primary color ends up being a small part of the outfit, and the secondary color is the one that becomes the most dominant. So I couldn't really rule out some of the winter/fall deep/dark colors because their accompanying color could fit under "Spring" depending on how the armor dyes.

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Thanks so much @Helleboros!! I actually didn't realize we had so many choices! Like you said, it's going to be trial and error to figure out which ones dye will on which outfits!!
If we have crafters that need to help craft some of these or people have some sitting around in unboxed crate stashes (that aren't BtC), maybe I can help coordinate people getting the dyes that they need!

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On 3/15/2022 at 1:07 PM, Walex said:

Thanks so much @Helleboros!! I actually didn't realize we had so many choices! Like you said, it's going to be trial and error to figure out which ones dye will on which outfits!!
If we have crafters that need to help craft some of these or people have some sitting around in unboxed crate stashes (that aren't BtC), maybe I can help coordinate people getting the dyes that they need!

I got the last few categories added! Not all of them are on the GTN at any given time, and not all CM are on the CM market all the time, so one doesn't quite know what's out there imo. There are some GOOD crafted ones that work for spring. Especially the basic primary/secondaries for green, orange, or, purple.

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Attending and I will be walking! Excited, the holiday one was so fun :) ❤️


Edit: I will be attending on my Pub character Anur'zin ❤️

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Cross-posted from Discord! (For archival purposes!)


Thanks so much everyone for making Tonight's Spring Fashion Show Super Special!!

Congratulations to our Top Prize Winners @Anurzin  and @Skywalker17 for your expertly curated Spring Outfits!


Thank you also to @Darth Gumby  @Ahsokra  and @hunterhead for braving your fears and walking the runway - really strutting your stuff!

(It really helped me out!)
Please also see me for your bonus prizes!


@NerdyWordyMav- you are also the random prize winner - of a scandalous Loungewear Outfit (or your choice from the Guild Prize Tab!) - for evading the wrath of our chaperones! 

Thank you to our hosts @Merliah (for decorating her stronghold, @Slyfox (for the fabulous door prizes!), and @Kingtom225 for organizing!

And thanks so much to everyone for wishing our DC @Merliah  a surprise Happy Birthday (belated!)!

Here's to an awesome year ahead of many more adventures and fashion shows! 


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