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Skysta is unavailable to run Smops, I was unsure if I would be on a business trip.  I'm leaving on Monday now.


So... I'm going to make a sign up sheet and see how it goes.

It may be 8 might be 16... maybe only 4! (Which means we wouldn't go.)


The goal will be something we can finish, that has a weekly quest. (I haven't logged in to see what the quests are this week... maybe someone could respond with them?)

If we can't finish the weekly, because it's only the harder missions, then we will do something easy/quick.  


So if you like, drop your name or RSVP and we can see if we got enough to do something tonight at 8pm EST.




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I’m not coming, but TOS is doable (and fun and lore-related). The other two definitely are not.

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