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Mythic+ Academy


Event details

This event began 05/31/22 and repeats every week on Monday forever



Welcome Everyone to Mythic + Academy


Event details:

  • Monday @ 10:00pm to 12:00pm ET
  • Item rating 226 recommended
  • Discord is required to at least listen to explanations
  • We will be teaching those who have not have the chance to experience Mythic dungeons or would like to learn how the dungeons work and how to navigate at higher key difficulties.
  • We will do our best to accompany and teach all that apply as long with what roles apply



See you all Monday!




Dungeon leaders: 









All those interest please sign up even if it looks full we will try and make as many groups as possible and get all we can into dungeons to learn in a stress free environment. 


Recommended Comments

WOOT! I will likely be a little late to these nights but I have:

Sereeya (Main) 234 DH MDPS - could tank if I get gear and someone teaches me maybe?

Gomlette 225 Resto Druid - could go boomkin if I can get the rotation to get my dps up

I have other alts I can fill with if we need it but I need a bit of time to gear them (Prot/Ret Pally, Ally Resto Druid, BM hunter).



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