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[PUB-PVE] - SMOOPS I Did it Again


Event details



The inmates are running the asylum this week for Dread Fortress. Details below!


PVE Operation Event: Dread Fortress



Event Time: 9PM EDT (1 hour later due to community event)




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  • Level 80
  • Republic side
  • Subscribed to the game
  • Discord
  • True grit
  • Panache


Merlyn Strategy Guide: https://sites.google.com/view/merlyn-swtor/operations/dread-fortress



Tank: @Fooj

Celebrity Tank/DPS: @Darth Gumby


Heal: @kin46582

Heal: @Dch765

Heal: @Anurzin


DPS: @NerdyWordyMav

DPS: @hunterhead

DPS: @Yiss

DPS: @RogueTwo

DPS: @Walex

DPS: @MontagoHalcyon

DPS: @Zahk

DPS: @Dalivandrian

DPS: @Theamc

DPS: @Brima

DPS: @DarthDragonWolf


Backup/16: @Aldo Hanso@Slyfox

Edited by Fooj

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"Oh I guess I could tag along."  *Said in my best Eeyore voice*  Lol


Pub side, hmmm I can bring dps or heals, wherever you need me 💙

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rDPS for me also! Looks fun!!


Note: I think you might have all your DPS already? if you do, put me down as backup or possible 16M

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Hey @Fooj et al, I’ve been taking a break from SWTOR, got burned out. If y’all can’t get a full 16-man group, I’ll be monitoring discord, so holler if you need some extra Deeps. So I’ll play backup if needed. Otherwise, I’ll be tromping thru Eorzea.

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Members and Assistants of the Month

ESO: Aralornx and Lazyhaze22

GW2: Aine and Carmarin Seaducer


WoW: Faithh05



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