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VMOPs Eternity Vault

Aedi Lanigiro

Event details



Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 9:00 EDT

Operation End Time: 11:00 PM EDT

Please arrive  15 minutes before start time.

This Operation is not set in stone! I may change Op based on our sign-ups and needs for achievements

Please sign up indicating preferred roles.



Tanks: a clear tanking in storymode of the target operation

DPS: 18K DPS on 3.25M Dummy with Shattered Armor Modifier

Heals: 16K Heals on 3.25M Dummy with Healing invigorator and Secondary Target modules


Character Level: 80

Gear level: 320

StarParse is required

Discord will be required, we will be in our own operation channel.


Raid Lead: @Merliah

Tank: @Vorn

Dps: @Fooj

Heals: @Merliah

Heals: @Zahk

mDPS: @Yiss


rDPS: @Walex

rDPS: @Aflixion Starr



If you would like to be notified of these events: Click Here


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rDPS for me!

Also, may I ask why the event location is the Best Buy in Richfield, Minnesota? 🤣 

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Any Role! It's a 7 hour drive from here in Canada to that Best Buy but I think I'll be on time!

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I know you've already got 8 people going, but I can be a backup ranged dps if needed


Edit: I know I'm new to the guild, so here's a parse against a 6.5M target dummy with shattered armor I just did: https://parsely.io/parser/view/663121

Gear is a mix of 320/322 with one 324 and no implant set bonuses yet (I took a break shortly after getting to level 80)

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I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize when I accepted that the op was going to be this Saturday and I already have something going on at that time. I’m going to have to decline going this time but I hope to join you all sometime soon! Once again my apologies!

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Sorry My Kid has performance I forgot about & it doesn't end till 8:30.


I don't think I'll be able to make it home in time. 

On another note, Why is the event taking place at a Best Buy in Minnesota? 

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