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[PUB-PVE] - SMOOPS All Berries


Event details




I am looking for a fellowship of the ring/caravan of courage who are ready to be ABSOLUTE BOSSES to fight the SM TFB. If you are ready to BE BEAST AND DO WORK sign up so that we can win the game video


PVE Operation Event: Terror from Beyond



Event Time: 9PM EDT




 Unimpressed Loop GIF


  • Level 80
  • Republic side
  • Subscribed to the game
  • Discord
  • True grit
  • Panache


Merlyn Strategy Guide: https://sites.google.com/view/merlyn-swtor/operations/terror-from-beyond



Tank: @Fooj

Celebrity Tank/DPS: @Dch765


Heal: @Slyfox

Heal: @Darth Gumby


DPS/Heal?: @Altayast


DPS: @Yiss

DPS: @RogueTwo

DPS: @NerdyWordyMav

DPS: @kin46582

DPS: @MalAmenz

DPS: @Aedi Lanigiro

DPS: @hunterhead


DPS: Ghosts I guess




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Okay so.. if we are talking in the realm of "Terror from beyond / Oregon trail..."


And that individuals name is "Kettle Chipz"...


I'm going to take the cannibalism talent to make sure we have enough … tasty snack chips (food) ... to make sure Gumby, Fooj and myself complete the mission...

After all.. that's a lot of parsecs to travel! 👾


(I sure hope Kettle Chipz isn't a special PUG guest this week! :) )

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