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Apprentices of Fear



Event details


These have been really successful so far, keep it up! 



Event Requirements:

  • You must have a level 80 Republic Character. 
  • Item rating (on your character sheet) minimum is 324.
  • StarParse is required, unless you have a specific legitimate reason why you cannot.
    • We'll be in rohroh1 (raid group name and PW), make sure that you have it set up BEFORE raid time. If you cannot figure it out, just send me a PM, and we'll get it working!
  • Dps, heal, and tanking requirements: Still working on these, so for Dps and Heals these are benchmarks on a boss, rather than a dummy. If you're not sure if you fit these requirements, please ask! Remember that these are bare minimum, we do want to try for more! 
    • Tanks: a clear understanding of the target boss in Veteran Mode as a tank, as well as of your class's defensive cooldowns and tank-specific abilities.
    • DPS: 16k dps on This boss in particular 
    • Heals: 14k hps on This boss in particular 
  • Discord is required, we'll be in our own operations channel



Event Details:

  • Sunday@ 7:30-9 PM ET 
  • Will just be doing Nefra. We will do 3 runs, so make sure you have 3 that you can bring. If you only have one or two, please specify!
  • To sign up RSVP and post what role(s) you can fill (also please specify melee or ranged if dps) below! Note that RSVPing and commenting is required. If you comment, you must also RSVP. If you RSVP, but don't comment, I will take that to mean that you can fill any role and don't have a preference. This is something that everyone must do in order to get a spot. 



See you all Sunday!



Raid leader: @Merliah

Tank: @Merliah




Dps: @Fooj







NIM Nefra @7:30pm ET on Republic Side


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1 hour ago, Walex said:

Looks like people might be burned out on Nefra 😅

I know I am 🤣 good thing we are doing other things next week!

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