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[PUB-PvP] PvP Q&A!



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Okay team here's my plan: I understand some people may be a lil intimidated by PvP or feel like they'd like a more guild-centric environment to try it out in before jumping straight into the warzone queue. To alleviate any concerns or apprehensions people may have about trying PvP Zahk will be hanging out in the Rishi Stronghold on Republic Side on Wednesday, the 7th of December. You can join him in the Discord Channel he will make and ask any questions you may have about PvPing with him on his regular events on Wednesdays.

"How do I stun people? Whats a Resolve Bar? What's a "mez"? What gear should I have? Does gear MATTER? How do I play the objectives in Warzones? Who do I target first in Arenas? 
What's your favourite colour??"


Any of those questions are fair game: and if you need to ask them, there's a good reason to: Zahk's gonna give out some door prizes for asking questions! (Limit 2 per person, will likely just be credits for now but stay tuned for some nicer stuff in tournaments in the future! If you ask 20 questions you're only getting two prizes you lil rascal.)


We can try lots of methods of answering you, we can just explain it in voice chat, we can demonstrate it in duels, we can demonstrate it in premade objective maps with just us RoHers inside of it, we can demonstrate in the Rishi SH, or we can even have you try it!


The idea of this event is to get people interested and ready to try PvPing in my regular Wednesday runs and learn it's just to have fun and chill out, but knowing a few things about PvP may help a few of you have some more fun with it.


Event Requirements:

  • You should have a Republic Character. Most of us will likely be on geared level 80s, so try to bring one if you can.
  • Discord is required, we'll be in our own operations channel


Event Details:

  • Wednesday December 7th @ 8-10 PM ET
  • We will be on the Rishi Stronghold, our Guild HQ!
  • To sign up, RSVP (hit going) and comment if you have a question! Please indicate your level if not level 80.


Leader: @Zahk

See you all on the 7th! 


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I'm not gonna lie, I don't like PVP, because....well, I stink and hate letting my team down.  However, I'm not going to be able to resist the new rewards track when 7.2 drops. This event is really going to help me and thank you so much for doing it. 


Quick question....All of my characters are either Combat/Carnage or Lethality/Ruffian (not including SI/JC because they suck).  Am I better off bringing a Lethality/Ruffian since I'm more comfortable with the rotation, but none of the other things or Combat/Carnage, where I'm learning the rotation (muscle memory causes me to revert to old habits when things get tense), but have a good feel for my defensives, etc.? Gear wise, they are all in good shape.


And of course I'll have many more dumb questions.

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21 hours ago, calishell said:

(not including SI/JC because they suck)


😂 keep in mind @calishell you can totally bring anything you want to a PvP event. We ain't gonna nitpick performance and you don't have to bring your A-Game or The Current Best Amazing Class. Setting yourself up for success can certainly help though, and I'm thinking Combat/Carnage may be recommended if the defensives are something you're more used to using for sure.

As a general rule, (until we get into advanced stuff like putting AoE pressure on a group to make an enemy healer sweat a lil, etc.) burst classes will have better success in warzones.

Higher chance of securing and eliminating a target before they can react with defensives or heals, which means greater chances of winning at the given objective. The fact that you're more familiar with the defensives is a great help too! If we wanna work on how to DPS with Combat Sent during the event there's totally a training dummy on rishi and I've written a few guides, I could bring my sentinel and demonstrate! This is exactly the kinda stuff I wanna explore with you guys so we can PvP more confidently, so thanks for the question!!

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Thank you thank you! This is exactly the kind of stuff that I don't know (burst > dot in pvp). I have the combat rotation memorized (the spicy one on swtorista's site), and can force myself to use it on a boss, but on mobs I tend to just go back to my old bad habits. I just need to practice on a dummy a lot more to break those habits.


Anyway, I'm cluttering up this thread with my ramble, but just wanted to say thanks for getting me started on this.  I NEVER would have thought that I would even consider pvp. Darn Bioware and their reward tracks. 😀

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