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[PVE-IMP] The Slayers SnV



Event details



Not even the Hutts



PVE Operation Event: SM Scum and Villainy and maybe TOS afterwards


Event Time: 9:00 PM EST



Squad Goals:

High Five Pokemon GIF


  • Level 80
  • Imperial side
  • Subscribed to the game
  • Discord
  • True grit
  • Panache
  • Star Parse is not required but encouraged
  • Please hit "Going" and respond with available role(s) if you would like to join the roster!





(Can prolly DPS tank most of it, might want to have a real tank spec available just for the council boss)

Tank/DwT: @Víkarr

Tank/DwT: @silentso1dier


Heal: @Fooj

Heal: @Darth Dad


DPS: @RogueTwo

DPS: @Zahk

DPS: @shlebylee

DPS: @Quaermiaha





SM SnV @ 9:00PM EST

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