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Pub VMOPS (Kinda) VM Toborro's Courtyard



Event details

While Aedi is taking some time off for the holidays, we'll be attempting to take down the dreaded "Golden Chicken" in VM. This is a difficult fight on par with most VMOP bosses and will be run in the 8-person format since that mode seems to be the trickiest. If we have more than eight sign-ups, we'll have to go with the team that gives us the best chance at success.


Event Start Time: 9:00 PM EST

Event End Time: 11:00 PM EST

Faction: Pub

StarParse is required


Tank: @Zahk

Tank: @MontagoHalcyon

Healer: @Anurzin

Healer: @cRobin

DPS: @Víkarr

DPS: @Dexstar (She/They)

DPS: @RogueTwo

DPS: @NerdyWordyMav

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Members and Assistants of the Month

ESO: Aralornx and Lazyhaze22

GW2: Aine and Carmarin Seaducer


WoW: Faithh05



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