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R-4 Anomaly Story Mode

Admiral Maximus

Greetings everyone.


We got a group of only guildies on Saturday 04/02/2023, got to Lady Dom in 1 hour, and managed to get Dom down to 300,000 health, or 0%, despite the fact that it was one of our healers' first time ever doing the R-4 Anomaly operation. Hopefully this time we'll get the extra 300k damage we needed for the clear. 


This was the lowest I ever got Lady Dominique down, so I have experience with the operation and will be able to guide anybody who needs it. 


Requirements: Have a minimum of 331 blue/purple gear, though 336 blue/purple is obviously preferable. Augments also might help (276 Blue are my recommendation if you do get them.) Know your class well, and be comfortable with your rotations. No prior experience of the operation is required, however I would advice reading up on guides or watching videos of clears in order to not enter the operation blind, it is the most difficult story mode operation in the game by far. I will be explaining the fights however for anyone who will need it. 


The operation will take place on Republic Side, however if we manage to clear Lady Dom, I will organize another one of these for Imperial side as well, I personally would like to have the story mission cleared on at least 1 character on each faction. 


Team composition will be as follows:


Tank: @MontagoHalcyon

DPS/DwT: @Admiral Maximus

Heals: @cRobin

Heals: @Jin

DPS: @AidenRhen

DPS: @Dlique

DPS: @Fooj

DPS: @Víkarr


Be prepared to spend at least 2 hours on this operation, and it probably will be more. It will not be a quick run, however I do hope to dedicate 1 hour to the first 3 bosses in order to be able to prog Lady Dom, and hopefully beat her. 


If more people prefer Saturday instead of Sunday, the event will be rescheduled accordingly. 


If we will have to get people not from our guild to substitute the roles we are missing, I will invite you all to a discord group I created in order to run SM ops with voice chat whenever needed.


As I live in Europe, the best hours for me to run this would be to begin around 2-3 PM EST on a Saturday, since all my previous attempts were 2-3 hours in length with no Lady Dom clear. 


Hope to see you guys there.

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