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Fishing in Domain of Kourna


Little Dragon (She/Her)

Event details


This event began 03/04/23 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

We group up off the southeast coast of Domain of Kourna, jump in a skiff together to share the fishing buff, and fish for vundus, giant paddlefish, and more! This event offers a calm, laid back, no-pressure environment, and is excellent for earning gold and socializing with other guild members!


Requires the End of Dragons expansion, having fishing unlocked, and access to Living World Season 4 Episode 3: Long Live the Lich, although if we have multiple people who wish to attend but do not own that episode, we may move to a different zone (most likely Crystal Oasis).


Note that this event is run on UTC, meaning if your location observes DST, the time will change when DST starts or ends.


Any questions regarding this event or fishing in general may be directed to Little Dragon (Little Dragon.0299 on Discord or LittleDragon.4165 in-game).


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