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[PVE] Killing Elite Guards Achievements on Section X - Both Factions


Admiral Maximus

This will be a one-time event (hopefully lol):


- We will start on Republic Side and kill 30 Elite Imperial enemies on Section X

- Then switch factions and do the reverse.

- If we don't find enough people from the guild I can ask around on fleet general chat.

- If you don't have voice chat that's not a problem.



- Level 65+ (both factions)

- Section X authorization (or subscribed)

- Roles: won't matter, but I can be the tank in both cases, so we will just need at least 2-3 healers probably, though if you want to join as tank all power to you.


⏰ 3 - 5 PM EST!




Since I'm not the one who technically created this event on discord, I won't be able to manually add you to it if you sign up here, so instead of me bothering Zahk every time, please click the link below to sign up for the event on discord!



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