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Application to Join Remnants of Hope

5iGMdw7.pngRemnants of Hope Application

Want to learn about applying? Read more about the application process or full recruitment process. Need help? Contact any member of leadership.

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  • Please review the Remnants of Hope Code of Conduct prior to completing this application

  • kRMjy9O254-MWSFQjqIHBW5uXJ2L6jW_gTFpKTNa  SWTOR Server: Star Forge (Heavily Republic)

    2Y7ykWxWqiQpVOuW1RUNvDqSKivBu87G2ZmfTsTd GW2 Server: Tarnished Coast (North American Servers only!)

    Nw4GNLAndoD0fgpeOPzuuuZvPMSQwcH_YgRRKy9R  ESO Server:  North American Megaserver  -  PC (Ebonheart Pact Alliance)

    bHXeOq-rhYgsddKoEhVHY-TsNo9-ma4YqINjmsKp  WoW Server:  Wyrmrest Accord  -  Alliance Faction

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Congratulations to Krafted, Azilori, Achilles & Ezoura on being chosen Members of the Month for March for their primary divisions!

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