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    Ask not what RoH can do for you, ask what you can do for RoH
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    From the album: Finoa's Art (Digital and traditional)

    Here's another of the finished prizes. It was approved and for a time was her avatar. ^.^; She was a awesome painter too, we were messaging back and forth awhile.
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    From the album: Finoa's Art (Digital and traditional)

    As many of you noticed, I offered 5 prizes during the Charity Drive since Sal and I wanted to help but we had no spare cash to give. So I decided i'd donate my time with the one thing I do well. ^.^ There was a full body, a bust, and three chibis up for grabs. Any donation could win a chibi (that way those who could only throw in a few bucks had a chance at something!) and then higher amounts for the others (for privacy, I wont mention those amounts ;3 Its their call if you know how much they gave!) I hope in the future I can offer more rewards for our members because it is quite fun and I enjoy making pieces based on other peoples characters. ^.^ Which is why I decided i'd take the chance to do this for a living... xD I have one more prize to go, then i'll be back to doing my usual stuff between commissions. If anyone decides to run another contest/charity thing, I dont mind donating my time with free or cheap art for the guild or a good cause. Im happy to be in a community that sees fit to run things like charity drives.
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    I'll eventually be running something like the Ghillie Snipe build from metabattle, but for now I'll run some sort of Sw/D + SB thief and try not to die. I'll be the decoy while you burst down the bad guys.
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    Your sarcasm definition in your signature is making me giggle.
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    Happy Birthday @Jae Onasi!!!!! I guess, your birthday present from me was the 1 million credits!! Hehe. ~Neo Service Industry owned by yours truly, Neo himself.
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    From the album: Finoa's Art (Digital and traditional)

    This was one of the prizes I owed! Since A few have been received and approved, I figured i'd start posting some of them. He wanted his tank done.. I've never made such a well built chibi.. :P
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    From the album: Finoa's Art (Digital and traditional)

    My draenei Elve is a mascot for my blog... And somewhere along the way she became a cosplayer.. xD I have done her in more costumes then I care to admit... Im a geek. This one was based heavily on the original Harley Quinn look.
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    From the album: Finoa's Art (Digital and traditional)

    Done in Acrylic. This painting is a blue tick puppy named Gus. My old man caught a picture of him sleeping between his boots like this and hired me to do a painting with the request I make it look more "Rustic" So I changed a ugly carpet to a fading painted porch (Painting your wooden porch is a thing in the South if you dont know... It looks nice for a year then it starts looking worn down and flaky... They are also super slick.. I dont suggest doing it.. Not unless you wanna paint it often or have a area rug from the steps to the door cause foot track wears them down fast). I wish I could say I made the boots look dirty and scuffed up... But yah... Those boots look just like that. They were already scuffed up and covered in the red clay we have for dirt in the area. The picture and painting matched pretty damn well so I was super happy. You can tell its a painting but it looks just like the picture and the old man was super excited. Im actually going to display it at a local art show Nov 16 at the BB Comer Museum. If you live around here and wanna drop by, its free food, tons of local artist have stuff in. Just ask for "the girl that did the digital art over yonder" or the "Puppy and boots painting" Or just "The other Linda" (There are three of us.. The last director, the current director assistant, and then me. I always just say im the "Other Linda" because the first one is the "Last Linda"... xD It gets confusing fast. Not a common name, that place attracts the Linda's!) I also have several prints for sell, two digital pieces on display, and one of my watercolors will be raffled off with all of the money going to the museum. Either way, make sure you say hi to me and Sal. ^.^ If you like this painting, I have 20 prints made to sell at $10 each plus shipping. It will be a limited edition because it was a commission and because the commissioner would like to keep the piece itself rare to increase the value of his. Print 1/20 has already sold. xD
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    From the album: Finoa's Art (Digital and traditional)

    This was my favorite chair to do, really... I loved it. I was doing real paintings all over the chair with different scenes and decor. It was super fun to work on. Sadly it didnt get to go to Auction. A friend of mine came in and bought it straight out before the auction after I posted a few updates on my instagram. Im told a few others attempted to do the same while a couple messaged me directly asking to buy it from me personally... Which lead to me doing a massive 200 pound wardrobe in Nightmare before Christmas theme... So this one was bought for $50 the day after I bought it. The same person went back and bought my Auburn chair as well so at least the museum made some good cash off free labor. And I ended up with a weeks worth of pay to work on a wardrobe I can fit.... Being that im no thin or tiny girl, that was surprising. Made working on the skellington in the closet a lot easier though.
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