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    Ascension's Fury Veteran Mode Operations Hey Imperials! Time for a fresh week in the new and revamped time and day for VM operations! (It is an exciting time!) So get ready to take care of those stubborn pests standing in the way of the victorious Empire and let's clear Terror from Beyond! Event Details Wednesday @ 9:00pm ET You must have a level 70 Imperial character Item Rating (on your character sheet) must be 236+ for Terror from Beyond. StarParse will be required, download and set it up early! Still needing 2 dps spots for the following revamped operation, for more info IM @Katalaw, @AidenRhen, or @Kij. Also check this thread out! : https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/35921-join-the-ascensions-fury/ VM Terror from Beyond @ 9:00pm ET Tank: @Katalaw Tank: @Treu Healer: @Sayuri (THE EMPRESS) Healer: @Merliah DPS: @Katalaw (I can dream right?) No. @Kij DPS: @AidenRhen DPS: @Passiflora DPS: @Orig Wrangler, @Daddy.K, @Christian, @Dymlos, @Vil, @Droghan, @Katalaw, @Athelon, @Sayuri, @Elisel, @Azzareth, @ViVshotfirst, @AidenRhen, @Jae Onasi, @Marajade, @vblakej, @Falcon III, @Hellary Ren, @Undaunted, @Kialya, @Getius, @LucasThatch, @wonkozsane, @Junlar, @Woody, @Jixara, @Hygelak, @Mevraz, @Eric B, @ScarletKhaleesi, @Nikao, @Alli, @Chispazo, @Soasa, @Thorn, @Jonathon, @ryebread, @Hippy, @Nova05, @Taterfett, @IcyFrost93, @Zaifos, @Slazersc, @Artemiaseus, @iActium, @Razael, @Ignibus, @Foreveress, @NewMasterChoco, @Zangul, @Baze-Malbus, @Icarus, @Mzuta313, @valsi, @Kij, @Morvio, @whickedknives, @Cixial, @Azoreth, @OrientalMordred, @Shae, @Narìa, @AristonLXVIII
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    Unless pug prog is happening tomorrow which is very unlikely, sign me up for DPS.
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    All moved in to the new place. Just have to finish unpacking boxes. The bookshelf is done though!!
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    My fav battle of SoA Alternative: Gun Gale...the pink devil taking on Japan's spec ops squad that is participating in the game's Squad Jam...battle to the finish and remaining squad wins. I want her outfit!
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