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    Tagging: @Jinn Galia @ZEE88 @Telana @Jae Onasi @Azzareth @Ellenore @RhemaTom @Sweetbunny @Daizey @Vorn @Lyrazel @Tyrtaeus @Skywolven @Vil @Lagerfueled @Elisel @Chelly @Hrom I see that 8 people have voted and others have at least seen it, but just want to make sure everyone who joined as a member had a chance to review this poll and give their feedback. The interest board isn't always the most visible, so I hope nobody minds me tagging them!
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    Incredible book but also incredibly long I am game for anything except Tale of Two Cities I just can't read that again
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    Ascension's Fury Veteran Mode Operations Got this baby on Ord Mantel! You like! We made tremendous progress. We're back to try and beat down Styrack. Group Details Please make sure that you visit the Operation Teams availability Google Spreadsheet and update your availability so we know who we can pull from. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tPfgdwQshUDNqk77PBRCquZxF3dkvHUmedrpNpdAl-c/edit#gid=34596052 Event Details Wednesday @ 9:00pm ET You must have a level 70 Imperial character Item Rating (on your character sheet) must be 236+ for Terror from Beyond. StarParse will be required, download and set it up early! Still needing 1 dps and 1 heal spots for the following revamped operation, for more info IM @Katalaw, @AidenRhen, or @Kij. Also check this thread out! : https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/35921-join-the-ascensions-fury/ Group invites will start at 15 minutes prior to raid start. We intend to start on time at 9:00 PM EST as much as possible. Please make sure you have stims and whatever you need as well as Teamspeak up and running prior to raid time. Raid is scheduled to run two hours so, if you sign up, please make sure you can stay for the duration. If we reach 2 hours and we have not completed the raid, we will ask everyone if they want to go for an additional 30 minutes to try and finish but this is optional. VM Scum and Villainy @ 9:00pm ET Tank: @Kij(or Heals, or DPS) Tank: @Treu Healer: @Merliah Healer: DPS: @AidenRhen DPS: @Owyn (or Tank) DPS: @T'rissanna'niss DPS: Backup: @Katalaw(any role) Backup: @Sayuri (any role) @Orig Wrangler, @Daddy.K, @Christian, @Dymlos, @Vil, @Droghan, @Katalaw, @Athelon, @Sayuri, @Elisel, @Azzareth, @ViVshotfirst, @AidenRhen, @Jae Onasi, @Marajade, @vblakej, @Falcon III, @Hellary Ren, @Undaunted, @Kialya, @Getius, @LucasThatch, @wonkozsane, @Junlar, @Woody, @Jixara, @Hygelak, @Mevraz, @Eric B, @ScarletKhaleesi, @Nikao, @Alli, @Chispazo, @Soasa, @Thorn, @Jonathon, @ryebread, @Hippy, @Nova05, @Taterfett, @IcyFrost93, @Zaifos, @Slazersc, @Artemiaseus, @iActium, @Razael, @Ignibus, @Foreveress, @NewMasterChoco, @Zangul, @Baze-Malbus, @Icarus, @Mzuta313, @valsi, @Kij, @Morvio, @whickedknives, @Cixial, @Azoreth, @OrientalMordred, @Shae, @Narìa, @AristonLXVIII
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    So with the update and new chapters along the way in Swtor, will we see possibly new short cinema animated films? It's been awhile since Bioware made any, but I know most of the team is working on Anthlem.
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    In the middle of the woods in a hammock. About to take a nap
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    Pride & Prejudice is one of the all-time greatest books in English. If you are looking for another incredible book inspired by Austen, try Post Captain by Patrick O'Brian.
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    So I have always been a fan of the Galaxy-Class lineup. So much that in the early days when I started I owned the Galaxy pack, then picked up the Andromeda cruiser and my Engineering main's favorite ship, the T6 Yamato Dreadnought cruiser (designed in the Galaxy-X style of course from "All Good Things"). I decided to run this ship as a phaser build. I run Miracle Worker with Command as secondary which makes me super tanky and the Command expose allows me to take advantage of using the new Agony Torpedoes (these are increased by phaser boons). With that I have the Trillithium phaser set, a nice wide angle phaser cannon in the front, and the Omega rep cutting beam (that thing is deadly). With the anniversary event came the Bajoran Defense Warp Core, so that set is complete and can be pretty devastating in the 4-piece version with passives now reaching out to 5 km. Lately, it just seems like so many good things are coming up phaser. The Domino console from the anniversary ship is awesome for fire rate and gives a decent phaser boost. The weekend event goodness with the prolonged engagement console ramps up all my power levels and the (soon to aquire) prolonged engagement phaser beam array with it are a nice touch to getting my BOff abilities out more. Also, the Dreadnought comes with a hanger, and what hanger is complete without those sweet Romulan rep Ultra-Rare Scorpion Fighters? Those plasma torpedos do a tremendous amount of damage (I'd love an OP phaser style hanger-pet, but I'm good with working with the Romulans, I have a cloaking device so why not their fighters?) Oh yeah, so I mentioned I have all five Galaxy related ships, which means I have all five Universal consoles. And although many will say using so many Universals is a waste, for me it makes a fun play style and gives plenty of boons to help me when I'm in trouble. Wanna fight like a tac ship? Use Saucer separation to increase damage, speed and turn. Oh, and that saucer is bringing a good amount of it's own utility and damage to include the phaser lance! Wanna sneak up on someone, and get a little damage boost to start the fight? Need to get to an objective quickly and don't want to be caught up? Time to cloak up (not a battle cloak unfortunately so once I'm fighting, I'm out there until I get out of combat.) Too many things firing at you? Use Antimatter spread to blind them with a chance to pacify! Still have things firing? Use Overload Supplemental Subsystems to increase power and have a chance to short out all enemies within 5km. And my favorite thing for those pesky Hur'q buggers? The Molecular Cohesion Nullifier! This little baby reduced you damage taken and damages enemies caught within 2km with the damage ramping up with the more ships within range. I hunt down those things now and simply explode them! It's not top tier by any means, but it can hold it's own in a fight and provide decent damage. Plus it's super fun to play. Some things are epic, some are ultra-rare, while the rest is very-rare and it certainly does a nice job.
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    I'm currently burning through a re-read of the Aubrey-Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brien (in conjunction with a thread in Metafilter's "FanFare" section). It's been many years since I first read these, and it's such a great pleasure to tear through them again. If comics are also allowed here (but bearing in mind that I am not a great comic reader), just this week I received the first two issues of ISOLA which are PHENOMENAL. Lastly, I also received this week the latest D&D sourcebook, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Lots of good stuff in there -- including background on my fave D&D quasi-deity, The Raven Queen. Sorry, no time to play games! Too much to read!
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    I hope physical therapy works because my right hip shouldn’t hurt and tingle so much.
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