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    Change of plans! I got to move my thing a bit earlier, so it'll be tight but I'll be able to come tonight
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    Neither do i so we shall learn together
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    Hello! Welcome once again to an exciting new day in Eorzea! COME ONE! COME ALL WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL PRESENTATION IN STORE FOR YOOOOOUUU! I'll be hosting an event Tuesday 11/27/2018 at 9 PM EST. The RP event will be a small get together to get a feel for our character by Role Playing them with the rest of the guilds character. This event is none canon in our guild's main story. Its meant for us to dive into our characters and get a better feel of how we want to role play them. The event is a simple tavern "happenstance" where all our characters "happen" to meet at the local tavern over in Limsa Lominsa (The Drowning Wench). If your a beginner to RP or just want to see the event unfold, don't worry about it and just join us for the fun. This is meant to get our feet wet in the RP department so we can look ahead for more!
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    Aye! ONce more I shall attempt to be there, but as I said my laptop can barely run the thing while at work.
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    I have Endles Legend, I'll play sometime if you want....really have no idea what I am doing in it though.
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    Made it out of the Thanksgiving rush last night okay. 9 hour shift today and a 10 hour tomorrow. Have a goal of finishing ARR's MSQ during my 4 days off on Yana! @Tzunamis @Kyn @witchbolts @Matatomi @Zhaydin @SilentTheGray
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    @Darstrom @Owinn @squiremarr_ @DreamingofRoses @Summarian @Azilori @Sedaiikyn @Abarb @Shaldos @Jayleezi @HosPie @Rokoshy@Ereosa @mdm157@Icarus @Chaqery @bad_ash52 @Unnameable @Vellv Sagewalk @Elidien @SyntheticPlayer @Tzunamis @Azraella @Kriege7 @Elohir @Morgana Ulfwe @RaydenMarz @Darkbringer105 @Tyrtaeus @Rumze @Nova05 @Matatomi @ShogunTaira @Junlar @Deus Vault @Gagi @Kushluk Shimazu @Pourover @MrFishy @Fox1 @Kamillus @IntensePrehistoricButerfly @Vikkie @G8temarine @Skaal @Jaqques @Tobrus @Telana @AstronomizeThis @Marbass @Skywolven @Wavedox777 @Ambrosius Age of Mythology is now 75% off and as it is the next game I will be hosting a community game and if you want to be a part of it plz buy it
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    Have you played Endless Legend?
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