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    I'd be up for this, and I really like your plan, @Koro. I have my highest toons on Brandywine, but I've never had anyone there I could quest with at the levels I was at (except @Chelly ), and my toons aren't high enough level to do the end-game raids unless I token them up another 10 levels or so. The game makes it super-easy to level now. I'd just love to be able to play the game semi-regularly _with_ people. It seems I'm always either alone, or not able to play regularly with others, or 25 levels behind everyone else.
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    So far between myself, @Ellenore, @CheekyMonkey66, @Kateywumpus, @Daizey, possibly @Darnavian, @Soasa, and @Jae Onasi we have a nice core group to start. @Dalivandrian did you want to join us or are you wanting to think about it first? It'll take us months to get to Moria anyways and I don't have much past Isengard yet myself. I am sure others will be following along and joining in as word spreads as well. We could even mention it at the end of the next community meeting if we want. So lets make it official! May will begin our fellowship's journey through Middle Earth! The first 6 or 7 levels are entirely solo-instanced (a tutorial, so to speak). After that it is not very difficult to get levels 7-20 out of the way. So is getting to level 20 by the end of May reasonable? After that I figured we'd push 10 levels a month, again at our own convenience and times available. Does that officially work for everyone? And if you want help or company, post on here and I'm sure some of us can work out a few lotro questing nights for those interested.
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    I just found out about this group (thanks to @Koro posting about it in another thread) and joined. I know stuff about LotR books. I know nothing about this game. I currently just have 2 characters (because that is all the game would allow. I will probably buy more if I fall in love with this game.): a dwarf guardian and a human archer. I am playing the dwarf currently. Anyway, I would love to join in!
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    Great! Maybe we can do our first monthly get together on a Saturday then. Haven't really thought that far ahead yet. But we'll try to accommodate as many people as we can. I'm not one for fast leveling either, so don't worry too much about it! Its been over 2 years and I just barely hit 75 lol. Granted that wasn't really 'trying' on my part, but still. I am all for meeting together and doing quests. I'll play fairly regularly in the evenings, especially if I know others will be on and would want to group. I just didn't want to ask anyone to 'commit' to Lotro since we all have other things going on. Some will be more available/interested in dedicating time to this game than others. But count me in if you ever want a leveling companion. That said, I am leaving today for a couple of days to a conference in Tucson, and I will not be in-game until Friday evening. If anyone needs an invite to the guild before then I know @Jae Onasi, @Elisel, @Hrom and @Daizey are all officers in the game right now and can invite. Otherwise I will get ya when I come back!
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    Thanks Katey!! We can certainly look into utilizing that if need be. At present we do have a RoH kinship rank 10 that we started last year. We have a guild hall in Thorin's Hall Homesteads that is paid for until September 14th of this year (thanks to @Elisel). We can also move that homestead if need be, or utilize both kinships to help manage alts or something! Thanks for being so willing to help!
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    Hello Everyone! I know there has been (and still is) some interest in this game among Remnants of all divisions. I also know that it is VERY hard to get people together on a regular basis when we are all so dedicated to other pursuits (both in RL and within the community). After some thought, I've come up with a plan I'd like to propose that may help us to have a sense of community progression and chance for fun! To ensure everyone has a chance to join in, I'm proposing this on the Landroval server. The legendary server requires a sub (I think?) and I'm not a fan of those kinds of requirements on groups like these. This is all off of the top of my head, so my apologies if it looks a little chaotic. Here is a list of the 'goals' I've set when coming up with this so called 'plan': I. Find a way to have a realistic progression-style system for those interested in progressing through the game with guildies. II. Host at least one monthly event where we can play as a group. III. Include some kind of monthly end-game for those not interested in lower level content anymore. IV. Avoid interfering with our other game pursuits (be it divisional or otherwise). With that in mind, here is my proposal: I: Casual Progression Group II: Monthly Group Event III: Monthly end-game content event IV: Avoid interference I could really use some thoughts and ideas from everyone who is interested in this. I haven't done much with this interest group because it felt like the interest had gone away and people didn't really want to play. If there IS interest, like I am hearing more of lately, then perhaps this can be a simple way of creating some Lotro activity. Please, please please give your feedback and suggestions so we can have a lotro casual branch! (For the record, I do NOT have any aspirations for this to become a division. I am only seeking to create activity in respects to enjoying the game. Thats all) Tagging the old Notification List! If you are not on it, see this thread and sign up for any tagging reminders that will be found in this interest group! Lets have some fun and go adventuring in Middle Earth already!
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    I would like to do this, but I doubt any of the times would work with my shcedule now...my mom just had surgery and I am going to be spending a lot of time with her, in addition to my parental and husbandly duties.
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    I am not one for fast leveling, so probably would not be able to gain levels on my own like you outlined above. However, I would love a monthly get-together. Also, it would be awesome to do quests with others when starting over. I think it would be a lot of fun to have a regular group for bi-weekly or monthly sessions where we all do the quests together (after beginning area of course).
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    Sure, I'll give it a go! Weekday evenings are mostly out for me at the moment except for some Fridays or fairly late but I'll do my best to meet up when I can.
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    No problem. I bought a lifetime membership when the game first came out and it's been doing nothing but languishing for the past few years. It'd be great to use it again!
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    I have an empty guild on Llandroval (and that's where all my toons are at.) that we can use. The guild house got foreclosed long ago, but I'm sure we can figure something out.
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    I'll have to take a look at getting back into lotro. I have a fairly low level loremaster but I only own expansions through Moria and I don't plan on adding another game sub at this time. I think I may have some unspent points but I'll have to log in and check.
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    I have no internet at 1930 Eastern and no idea when it may come back.
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    i'll dps for this
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    Happy birthday @Kateywumpus
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    Oh hey! That's where all my stuff is at! Since I'm an altoholic I can easily make a lowbie until we catch up to my Beornling. (Which is only in her 40s so it won't be that hard)
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    Also tagging @Veron so I can try to get his butt in this interest group. What do you think about all this bud?
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    Understandable sir. I hope your mom recovers well! But we don't have any set days to play right now, just working month-to-month as we can. If you can make it at the end of May, if not then maybe June! Time will tell I'm sure.
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    Throlgan in my dwarf's name.
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    No worries! If I am not around later today then feel free to contact one of the other in-game officers. I listed them in the other current thread I made yesterday. And awesome name for the human archer! But my own main is a dwarf guardian so I look forward to playing alongside yours!
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    @Koro My human archer is named... wait for it... Aurtorus. I always name a character who lives by the bow Aurtorus. My dwarf guardian... well, I don't know what his name is. I tried naming every name I could think of from my past to "never used that name before" and it said that the name was already in use. What I ended up doing was taking 2 names that were auto-generated, take half of each name (first half on one, last half of the other), and threw an "l" right in the middle. What I ended up with was kind of a dwarf sounding name, but it was so different sounding to me that I don't know what is was. When I log on (probably later on today), I'll write it down and post it here.
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    I think so. I'm not really up on things yet, but as easy as the first couple of levels were, I'm pretty sure it will all be easy... ish. At least to level 20 anyway.
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    Happy Birthday, @Kateywumpus! Have a great day!
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    I wish I had bought a lifetime membership years ago Alas, I was too cheap at the time. I much regret not taking advantage of it.
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    I'm unsure if it's your birthday but according to @Azilori, it is so Happy Birthday 80! (Blame Azi if I'm wrong...)
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    I would totally be up for this! I've been poking @Darnavian to go back and level up the baby characters we started together months ago. Count me in. I've been sad that I haven't kept up with content past Mordor, and have been feeling the itch every now and then to play. Only major night that would be a problem for me is Wednesdays, as I lead an event that night. Other than that, I can definitely try to make a time/day that works for everyone else at least one night a month.
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    Totally up to you @CheekyMonkey66! It would depend on everyone's own circumstance. If you have the desire/character slot, sure! And if you want to keep that toon on this kind of schedule and play more than that, you can play your other toons! If you want to wait until our 'group' catches up to your level, that is possible too. I just want to create an environment that encourages people to come hang out in Middle Earth! And for the record, that might be the greatest gif I've ever seen in my entire life. I just about died laughing at Gandalf's expression. haha I may totally steal that and use it in my classroom at some point.
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    This is amazing and I would so be down for these ideas! Should we all create a new toon so that we can level together?
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    I have a 43 champion that I’m wanting to partner with someone!:D
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