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    Have a great time with your daughter!!! Family is important!
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    Sorry for the short notice, but I will not be starting the game tomorrow at 6:30 like I usually do. I will be able to have the game starting later like 7:30 ish. This is due to the fact that my daughter is in town and I have not seen her in 7 months. Again sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I actually just got roped into working overnight tomm night- so I need to catch Zzz's during when we'd be playing, so I can't make it this week. @Kitty Chelle feel free to play my char or tow him, whatever you prefer. Sorry friends!
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    Yes, sorry I forgot to hit the "going" button.
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    @Rama you coming tonight?
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    I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight due to a migraine. Next week hopefully.
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