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    gg easy. We didn't die once. Only @Telana disconected and died a couple of times. But manage to finish it!
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    Starting at 7pm EST, I'll be hosting an intro to Roleplaying event for those interested! Bring your favorite character for light RP or just come by to listen and learn about what it means to Roleplay and be a Roleplayer! All are welcome, and no experience is required!
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    I am available if you need a healer. Let me know
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    The game still works with all the mods we're using, though I haven't played our game since the update yet EDIT: Just logged into our game. Astronomical Emblem pack and Downscaled Ships work; Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds and Real Space 3.3 do not. So yeah, we may need to start over as our current game is now broken (Some stars may no longer appear rendering those systems unable to be built in)...
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    Sorry, I will not be available. I have a meeting Wed.
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